Water Boilers

Water Boilers - What can you say about water boilers apart from without them life in any kitchen would be a little more difficult and less efficient. Everyone always assume that a water boiler just makes hot water for tea and coffee but when you look at what they do throughout their working lives you'd be amazed! This is why at Parry we have put so much effort into making water boilers that really live up to both our expectations and our customers without breaking the bank. Ranging from automatic fill to manual fill to LPG or Natural gas we have your requirements covered. Built to take the rough with the smooth all of our boilers have a stainless steel construction to ensure a long working life and a range of capacities to suit your needs. Add to that things like locating feet, piezo ignition and flame failure devices as standard and you realise these aren't just water boilers - these are Parry water boilers!